01. He couldn't find any nuts to fit the [bolts] he was using.
02. You'll need to screw that [bolt] in a little tighter.
03. This [bolt] is too tight; you should loosen it a bit.
04. I had to screw the [bolt] in with my fingernail because I didn't have any tools.
05. We have a jar full of [bolts] of different sizes in the workroom; you should be able to find what you need there.
06. Be careful when you're removing the [bolt] that you don't damage the threads.
07. It took us over three hours to [bolt] all the playground equipment together.
08. The park benches are [bolted] to a cement pad so that no one can steal them.
09. The door was [bolted] shut and we couldn't get in.
10. She slowly drew back the [bolt] and opened the door.
11. I saw some kid trying to open my car window in the parking lot, but when I approached him, he [bolted].
12. The horses [bolted] out of the stable when they smelled the smoke.
13. All of a sudden, Henry [bolted] from the room, and then we heard him vomiting in the bathroom.
14. My son always [bolts] his food in about three minutes. I don't think he even chews it.
15. The children [bolted] their lunches and then ran outside to play.
16. The sky was suddenly lit up by a [bolt] of lightning.
17. Lightning [bolt] charges can spread for over 90 miles.
18. The Roman god Jupiter was the god of the sky, the bringer of light, hurling lightning [bolts] down on the world when displeased.
19. About 100 lightning [bolts] strike the earth each second.
20. An old proverb notes that it's too late to shut the stable door after the horse has [bolted].
21. The stall in the market was filled with [bolts] of fabric of various colors.
22. The shopkeeper cut us a piece of beautiful blue silk from a [bolt] that was standing in the corner.
23. The back of the store is filled with [bolts] of material that are on sale.
24. The soil here is of very poor quality, so my lettuce usually [bolts] before it's big enough to eat.
25. The broccoli [bolted], so we just threw it in the compost.
26. The vegetables probably [bolted] because they weren't getting enough water and became stressed.
27. Marilyn French once said that to nourish and raise children against odds is in any time, any place, more valuable than to fix [bolts] in cars or design nuclear weapons.

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